Mrs. Tom Jones

Melinda Woodward's Journey

Melinda Woodward in 1957—when she married Tom Jones—was a blond beauty with a small, stunningly attractive body. In photos taken of Melinda and Jones throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, she exhibited her girlishly delightful personality and if anything the beauty of face and body remained timeless.

Today, Melinda is a 71 year-old grandmother of two grown grandchildren by her son Mark and his wife Donna. Melinda is heavy, somewhat dowdy and drab—as are many of us at that age—and does not appear to be steady on her feet.

However, in recent photograph taken of Melinda and Tom she is smiling and that indefinable girlishly delightful personality opens up and shines through for a moment. Despite 55 years of marriage—a lifetime that is a study in contradictions, medical problems and marital mental and emotional abuse—it is obvious from the photograph that Melinda and Tom still love each other, just like when they married in 1957.

The contradictions in her married life with Tom are a result of being wealthy and living a life of material privilege contrasted with deepening depression and agoraphobia and the unrelenting assault of Jones sexual escapades and affairs day after day, year after year.

The combination of mental sickness that has made her a lonely—Tom is rarely home due to his singing engagements and her—friendless prisoner in luxurious surroundings; and the emotional abuse of a sexually-ill husband who has stated that he at the peak of his career he had sex with over 250 women a year.

For now and the foreseeable future, Mrs. Woodward—Jones changed his name before becoming successful—seems fated to be unable to leave her home, continue to have an unreasoning fear of attack by handgun and remain unwilling to make friends due to her depression.

This is a tragic ending for a woman who began as a young and beautiful girl who married an international superstar with wealth and riches and yet never found happiness.



It IS unusual ...the weird world of Mrs Tom Jones, not your typical Hollywood wife