Tom Jones Early Career

Tom Jones Early Beginnings

Born on June 7, 1940, the voice and talent of Tom Jones became evident at an early age. Tom Jones is a singer, always was and will be. His love of performing began early on at weddings, reunions and high school choir where his talent was instantly recognized and appreciated. In his early teens the attention and popularity singing brought him – along with his dark good looks – gave him an inflated opinion of himself. This conceit empowered him to skip school to socialize, drink and smoke late into the night with his friends.

The young man received a major setback when he developed tuberculosis at 14 years of age and was bedridden for a year. After recovery he courted and married a local girl whom he was dating after she became pregnant. At 16 years of age, Tom Jones wife, Linda, gave birth to their son Mark. During this time, Tom worked at a paper mill which paid the bills but interfered with his drinking and singing at local nightspots.

The development of rock and roll music captivated Jones in the late 1950’s. As years progressed Jones was further influenced by American music greats like Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.      

Tom Jones found his musical strength when he was pulled from a pub by a friend who was a bandleader and asked to perform for one set to replace a absent lead singer. Tom was an instant hit and from that point on Tom was smitten with performing. He was consumed with becoming a great singer.